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For We Are All Madwomen

By Barbara Sweeney

For we are all madwomen
in torn voile dresses
carrying groceries
screaming at butchers
impatient, decisive
on fire with love —
springing from beds in the morning
jumping from windows in the afternoon
tossing from side to side
those menacing glances of ours.

For we are all madwomen
laughing at parties
showing our underwear to the men
and laughing some more.
We own silver forks engraved
with the names of dead aunts;
all codes, passwords and signals
belong to us.
We are the sails, and of course,
the wind behind the sails.

For we are all madwomen
stooping, hunting, faceless
like nuns in a convent garden
proud of our children, dangerous, cast aside
tired of the same old stuff –
waiting for the chance to change the world
back into a melon
where the cities would be seeds
held together by something sweet in the dark.

Appeared in Tthe Malahat Review
Number 52, October, 1979